One Towel



My wife just shared a lesson from a journey she had several years ago. The single bathroom provided for the group going on this journey contained One Towel. Before her journey she was triggered about this shared towel and how “yucky” this was for everyone’s germs to be concentrated on one towel. During the journey she experienced the wave of “Universal Oneness” that often comes from the Grandmother. ………and the shared One Towel became transformed into a symbol of “we are all in this universe together”.

This transformation, from a focus on our individual needs and desires to the global perspective or Global Consciousness is powerful and freeing. As we take the light of the completed Chanukia back into the world this is our mission (masculine energy) and our vision (feminine energy); to receive the light of understanding and insight and then to reflect it through human existence and then back to the source. I

I bless myself and all of us to use all the tools at our disposal to release the protective ego that is fear-based and embrace the fearless trust to embrace and connect. Amen

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