1.       Eliezer works with heart and wisdom, supporting your individual artistic process, coaching you to manage challenges with an abiding spiritual awareness, and helping you laser through to your own clarity, purpose and healing. JT 

 2.      You have been so important in my journey towards fulfilling my dream of living the creative life. There were so many times I doubted myself, but you believed in me, in my work, in my abilities. AG

3.       Eliezer I love you!    I celebrate you…your playfulness like a child...your wisdom from your life years......your compassion as a dear friend…your kindness as witnessed through all who know you....TP

4.       You are an example of the healthy Masculine. Your presence, wise and quiet, is an island of hope for many, in turbulent times. Your endless talents are revealed as a therapist, musician, handsome man, father, husband and friend, with deep wisdom and a wide heart. It is a blessing to know you. When I feel I am at difficult places in my emotional process, I think of you. LS

5.       Your ability to see me, through all my hardships and craziness…and always know the right words and action that will make me more ‘ME’. I wish so many people will get the chance to receive that amazing gift you bring to this realm. LH

6.       I knight you as a Jedi…for your extraordinary gifts and offerings, to bring out in this reality the Crème de le crème of every being you communicate with. DP

7.       The ability to see and hold people, with your eyes and with your vast expansive heart, so honoring… ER

8.       Your Life-Positive! The ability to go into a group and gain deep trust. You are a combination of fun, juiciness and Eros. You asked me questions deep enough to make me think, questions coming with love and curiosity…you got me. OE

9.       I was shaky and we entered into the Castle together and with your presence collected all my pieces and brought them together onto the stage; all the archetypes, the kid, the dark side… and directed them into one piece of art and unique light. HO

10.   The way you treat each person with such love, compassion and dignity, you taught me so many things. I see the love you call to your life and the love you give out. AQ

11.   You hold out the possibility of a life not to be taken for granted, to hold a different vision, for different paces and styles, a vision for all of us beyond the conditioning and constructs and fears. You bring your whole self, without holding back or filtering. You say things as you see them. SH

12.   The loving voice, the deep sense of listening and heart…thank you for healing, seeing, feeling me and being you. DE

13.   You have been there unconditionally to provide the love, space, support and words needed to help me grow and be a better person. AN

 14.   (A Song) “Once in a great while someone comes along who catches you by surprise and helps you sing your song! Who sees right through to the light in you and helps you realize that your life is to be loved, every moment you’re alive! Once in a great while, if your luck is running strong[RN1]   you will find a friend like Bobski, who is there when things go wrong. He makes you laugh, holds you when you cry, helps you come to realize that your life is to be loved every moment you’re alive! Once in a great while, when you need an honest friend, he shares with you what he knows will help your soul and body mend. Who sees right through to the light in you and helps you realize that your life is to be loved, every moment you’re alive!” DK

15.   I love your clear way of thinking; I can trust you will say what needs to be said in a way it can be heard. LS

16.   You understand what’s under the words, the new masculine-truth with compassion and love, unique and necessary. L

17.   You don’t talk much…and then everyone immediately tells you their deepest life story. N

18.   You just take the eye of the needle to open up the inner worlds, you just open the gates and the heart opens, we really don’t need words. You communicate from the deepest place. You take anything and hold it. ES

19.   You have a really deep trust in people’s innate ability to know what they need to heal themselves and to give people the space to do it and to see the wonders of the world and of the creator. ElS

20.    The strongest quality I feel from you is that you really see me, and there is so much healing that you see us beyond our shit, our egos, our dramas…beyond judgement, a generous, simple way, without compromise. T

21.    Eliezer's open heartedness, passion for life, insightfulness and intensity are a powerful combination that make him a unique mensch.  i am grateful for having our paths connected as both friends, and softball and pickelball playmates and the recipient of amazing hugs. Eliezer is also extremely gifted as a spiritual advisor and I am so thankful to him for helping me to open my heart and soul to life's joys and wonders. EM

22.   This big heart of yours, to contain everything, to see the best of me and be enthusiastic about my life. I am so thankful you are in my life. YS

23.   I have known Bob Newman — Eliezer ben Mendel — for over 14 years. He has been an incomparable friend, a close confidant, an insightful therapist, a natural teacher and a quick learning student who can “think on his feet”. Eliezer is one of those rare individuals who does not fit any normative categorization. He is truly “out of the box” and continually inspires the creation of new boxes of exploration within himself and within others. Yet, whatever discipline or activity he is participating in, he is solidly centered in the ruach/spirit of the moment – be it one to one or within an assembly of many. In the field of human growth and expanded consciousness, Eliezer is a true interdisciplinarian who’s Tree of Life grows branches in multiple directions and within disparate communities – religious and secular, spiritual and athletic, studious and playful. Although an “old soul” from his youth, Eliezer ben Mendel’s ascent in years has only been paralleled by the continuing ascent of his “integrated knowing” — that unique synthesis of Chochmah/Wisdom and Binah/Discernment together giving birth to Da'at/“Integrated Knowing”.  Eliezer is a soul who has been blessed and directed in his life to have become an amazing resource of tools and intuition to help guide anyone towards The Soul Directed Life.               Rabbi Joel Bakst

{Rabbi Joel David Bakst is the author of a series of books entitled Torah, Kabbalah and Consciousness which includes the prophetic confluence between Jewish mysticism and the new sciences and the biblical and kabbalistic references to the pineal gland and endogenous DMT. His books and classes are available at www.cityofluz.com}