The Commitment to Freedom


This time of year in the Jewish tradition we are instructed to repeat the story of moving from a narrow place to a place of openness, exploration and personal growth. That instruction then goes on to guide us through 49 days of spiritual growth, refining all the complex energies within us into a flexible and balanced approach leading to a place of inspiration and enlightenment, finding our own Way in the world.

Your call to action is now! Enough suffering, blaming others and circumstance. Enough running in circles with one foot tied down with destructive habits and beliefs that no longer serve you. Enough giving away your power to the pharaoh of fear.

Practically speaking this call to action means committing to a  personal training program of healing, confronting fears and receiving the sweet benefit of new habits, pleasure and love……….get whatever help you need to move forward through therapy, coaching, friends, meditation, medicine work, men’s and women’s circles, song circles, wholistic health practices, workshops, festivals and exercise. Find and practice your instrument of creativity……music, dance, painting, writing, speaking. Move out of limited self-imposed slavery and into travel, adventure and inner and outer exploration. Envision your life full of intimacy, caring, service, productivity and precious solitude. Open your heart to love and connect your body to tantric universal and interpersonal energy, putting aside abuse and retribution to ask for what you need and want now from a place of fearlessness and optimism. Lubricate your process with tears and smiles. Create a consciousness that connects you to your inner GPS, The Soul Directed Life… leading to great decisions and the precise timing of when to say yes and when to say no, when to walk away and when to embrace, when to be cautious and when to throw caution to the wind.

Confront your lack of faith and trust and start believing that if you follow the above suggestions and take that first step into the sea of the unknown, a path will open up to you in ways you have not yet imagined… and through twists and turns you will emerge into a better version of yourself, the self you were meant to be, giving your unique gifts and radiating the shining lightness of being that you already are!

Eliezer Bobski Newman, MSW, MBA


Applied Kabbala