You have an inner voice that can direct you to an Inspired Life

A life full of joy, celebration and fulfillment. A life filled with deep, loving friends, lovers and partners. A life of confidence and continual personal growth.


“ Eliezer works with heart and wisdom, supporting your individual artistic process, coaching you to manage challenges with an abiding spiritual awareness, and helping you laser through to your own clarity, purpose and healing.”


“You hold out the possibility of a life not to be taken for granted, to hold a different vision, for different paces and styles, a vision for all of us beyond the conditioning and constructs and fears. You bring your whole self, without holding back or filtering. You say things as you see them. ”

Rabbi Joel Bakst

“…an insightful therapist, a natural teacher... In the field of human growth and expanded consciousness, Eliezer is a true interdisciplinarian, a soul who has been blessed and directed in his life to have become an amazing resource of tools and intuition to help guide anyone towards The Soul Directed Life. Rabbi Joel Bakst”

What You Will Learn

The Soul Directed Life (SDL) reveals, inspires and supports your path of personal growth and spiritual development. You will learn to be passionate, energized, productive, inspired, confident and self-directed. Your relationships will feel inspired and radiate love and satisfaction. The resources provided to you will include reading, audio and video teachings and demonstrations, practical exercises and tools, reflective songs, graphics, video and poetry, experiential learning and workshops, interviews and real-time individual, couple and group counseling by professional psychotherapist and trainer/educator Eliezer (Bob) Newman, MSW,MBA.